Last post!

Yah hi..!!

Unn..I don’t know where to start…haha..yah ! So.. WordPress ..has been a very beautiful journey for me. There was that day when I didn’t know how to login …and…I could say that …I learnt many new things! I mean literally many new things. I wrote my first post.. And ppl gave me a good response. So thus I thought that..I should write! Umm..telling you frankly …I didn’t expect that ppl would actually appreciate me. Whatever I have written , I have actually felt that ..and I think that is something which ppl liked. Aaahhhhh…it’s that ki..due to some reasons…I am gonna stop writing! Yah! I mean atleast from now.. Bcz..I write what I feel…and today.. I gotta know that , what I feel is….not so actually true! Aah! Sorry! Too scientific! ..due to some personal reasons… I have decided to close my WordPress ACC for a year! As you guys have given me so much of love…and support , I wanna thank each and every person . Thank u so much all of you ..for u know.. Coming and reading my posts and then commenting back..and then …sometimes it becomes even like a conversation. It became like a WordPress family for me. I shared a lot of …umm..pain, sorrow, happiness with ppl who were unknown to me. All of those ..who liked sunaina blogs and followed , thank u so much…and .Ppl…who didn’t like my blog..or me..haha!..thank u to u too for at least letting me know . I have got some 570+likes on sunaina blogs…and 108 followers ..umm..I guess! Guys seriously it’s all bcz of you ! That I know now… writing can speak out your pain! .. So love you all .. Keep writing ..cause guys there is nothing else than writing and sharing your pain to others. Tears are coming in my eyes right now. …but I think it’s necessary . Again a big thanks to everyone. I will be deactivating it tommorow ..if guys wanna share anything with me..or wanna..know anything about me..or like anything.. Guys anything ….you can comment it down in my comments column! I will surely read it and reply!keep smiling and spread smile.

Lots of love,

Sunaina! 🙂



Ek aur kahani…

Kisi ko yaad karne me , kisi ko bhul Jane me ,

Ulajh ke reh gai Hun main tere isq ke tane-bane me.

Jmana jism chahe ab, na chahe dil aur jaan ko,

Mohabbat kaun karta hai , kisi se ab jmane me???….

Yahi khwaish liye khule chhod diye hai darwaaje dil ke mere ,

Kabhi voh laut aaega mere aashiyane me ,

Fakiro ne yahi kaha jate jate , sun,

Duaae lakh milti hai kisi ka ghar bsane me.

Hausla toh itna tha , ki tute dil se bhi chahne ki kosis ki tumhe ,

Par tumne dhundhi bewafai meri har wafai me,

Kabhi Jo gaur se padh Lena kahaniyan meri ,

Milega dard hi tujhko meri har kahani me.. …



Te- Amo..!!

Hello everyone ..

First of all I want to Thank all my lovely readers for giving me so much of  love , support , for commenting down my blogs  giving me suggestions and motivating me  to improve myself everytime I post a new blog !!.. It’s because you that I have got 100 followers , it’s like a  dream because I never thought people would actually like my writings . So a big thanks to everyone .

So here is something I thought of posting read and comment your views below ..

Thank you !! 🙂 🙂

Don’t give me those mesmeric looks,

Don’t give me that magical smile .

Don’t play with your hair locks,

These prankish plays make me lose control and think about you..

It seems like you are teasing me..

You don’t know ever ,

How deep is my love for you..

Sometimes I think you know , but you are acting like , you don’t know.

I am still dreaming of you..

You are my love , you are  my life .

So why are we far apart??..

Come close to me and call my name …

I wanna hold you one last time ,

I wanna see sunrise in your eyes..

I wanna see stars in the  open sky…

But , your silence gives me more pain ,

I don’t know why ??..but…even after we are married ,

I wanna fall in love with you again….



pexels-photo-919382.jpegIt was midnight , when I was sitting at my table ,reading a novel of some college love . I was not able to sleep , as it was slightly drizzling outside. A pleasant atmosphere with the table light on , and a novel in my hand . It was the perfect situation ! As I was going through the  words of the novel , a sudden  name caught my attention . I stopped down in between to check my eyes . It was  a name , I heard somewhere before …. A strange feeling passed through my body.  It made me feel weak. I switched on my mobile and typed a name – “Anubhav ” . The profile got opened . ( I didn’t delete his number still) . My heart said me to see his profile pic , but my mind  didn’t approve . May be it was all because of the pain I have went through . The battle between mind and heart continued . And at last ?? …my heart won !! … My eyes gazed down his picture . How happy he looks ,I thought . Knowing that I couldn’t control my emotions more , I searched for the “back” button , it was then when I saw him online! Yes he was online !! A huge smile came on my face . It was like a little boy getting his lost toy  back . I wanted to message him . I wanted him to know that I am here . I am here waiting for him . I am here begging for his love . I wanted to tell him that I still love him . But I couldn’t ! All I could do was stare on the blank screen , and hope silently in my  heart to get a message from him .  My heart was begging for his message . It was like I am talking to him in person . I caught hold of my mobile tighter . My lips kept on repeating his name .  My eyes stuck ! I couldn’t control more . And then finally I typed , “hi , still  awake ?” . But was I able to stop with that ??  I poured my heart into my words . It was like my  heart was speaking out that love which I kept hidden inside me for so long. I was going to press the send button , when I heard someone speaking. “Don’t try to contact me from now “. I looked up , there was no one . I searched for an answer but in vain . There was no one in the room except me , and some little pieces of my memories resounding in my ears . A large drop of water fell from my eyes . I felt so weak , inside . I felt so alone . I could feel him near me but couldn’t touch him .Even though I wanted to talk to him , I was not able to .  I wanted him to know that I still wait for him . But couldn’t! Hours passed on , and I still begged for an answer , it was when I saw something .You know what? ?… The “backspace” key . And that night something remained unspoken between us ..

Mystery Blogger Award


Hello everyone !!!! 🙂 🙂

So I feel so good that I have been nominated by  one of the most adorable writers , Rida Yumn Ahmed , through her blog “Meraki forever”  . Thank you so much my friend . Her blogs contains something special that many of you can relate to .. Do follow her on the link given below..


Put the award logo/image on your blog.

List the rules.

Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.

Answer the questions you were asked.

Nominate 10 – 20 people & notify.

Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify).

Okk so three things about me are..

1. I find my communication skills as my strength .  People say I am good at my words. I have been anchoring various events and love to participate in various speech and debate competitions.

2. I have a great desire to learn to play guitar. I also have a dream of performimg contemperory dance .

3. I can’t keep control on myself if I see a romantic novel . Sudeep Nagarkar, Chetan bhagat and preeti shenoy are some of my favourite writers I really admire . I love listening to music especially when its raining . I could spend hours on a beach as I find peace there.

The thought which was given to me to express my views was-

​”Even if you dance on water, Your enemies will accuse you of raising dust.​”

My reply would be-

In life , you will always find two types of people , some who will support you for what you and some who will try pulling you back. As you achieve greater heights its for sure that people will try pulling you back. You simply can not live without these people who feel jealous of what you are cause you will find them everywhere. Try to maintain the sweetness as much you can in a relationship and don’t care of those who can just talk back of you . “Be the different to see the difference”.

Nominees are..

Vibhor shukla


Siddharth Banga

Nathprasad dhanawat


Vishal Chhatrola

Desi champs

Avishek Singh

Vasu gangapalli


Ek khat yaado me naam

Questions for my nominees are-

1. What made you follow my blog ?

2. Which post of mine made you smile?

3. That wish which always remained as a wish .

4. Lyrics that connects to you . Also mention the song name .

5. The most adorable moment of your life  .

Special question-

What is life according to you?

Plz guys let it be truth … Waiting for your answers eagerly.

Once again Thank you Rida…   🙂 🙂










Right vs wrong

via Daily Prompt: Typical

Hi everyone !

So today I am going to write about something which I have been feeling like writing from so long . I live in a country India ! Yes , the place of great culture and the place where various legends lost their lives . So many years ,so many stories of people , the civilization , the culture and what not ! Are we lagging anywhere ?? The years passed on , and with passing time we saw people changing . Not only with respect to clothes or the lifestyle but also with mindset . But even after so much of change the question which comes in my mind is …. Is talking to a boy is wrong ?  Do wearing a short skirt mentions you a slut ? Is having feelings for someone is a crime ? Do talking to a boy and smiling , tells that you are interested in him? Does being friend of a boy tells that you are a bitch? Does being open minded gives you the “characterless” certificate? And what we should do if society puts you down? Accept or reject?? Shall I change myself for the typical thinking of few people?

Please mention your views below .

Imperfectly perfect!

Hello , readers ..

First of all I would like to wish everyone a very happy Valentine’s day!! Well…if you are with the perfect partner..everyday will be a valentine. But sometimes “imperfectionalism ” brings   out a perfect feeling for the perfect relationship. All u need is just love and trust to mold your relationship into a perfect structure!! So here I bring you some thoughts… which I penned today…. Happy reading!

I don’t know what I am feeling,

 I don’t know what to hide.

So let me tell you a story ,

Of a girl who was imperfectly right.

Oh so she was crazy ,

Oh yes she was full of life,

She wasn’t among the short skirt ones,

She was one among the happy-go types!


She was the friend of everyone.

But the “special girl” in someone’s life.

Oh yes he was none other ,

Than the perfect guy.


It was just the friendship that existed,

Nothing being so deep .

Until the day came in her life ,

When the perfect guy had ,

Something to reveal.


He said everything in one go.

She couldn’t believe her eyes.

He glanced at her and then looked away

She was still stuck in that sight….

Guys , do read  and comment your views… also let me know if you want the story to continue…  😊😊







A letter to my dad…


Dear papa,

I hope you are fine and probably smiling reading this letter. Papa I wanna tell you that I love you so much . I love you like no one ever in my world . Papa do you remember how you use to come and hug me?? Papa do you remember those times when you use to to tell me poems while shaving? Papa do you remember when all I needed was your one hug to let me down to sleep . Papa do you remember those times when you kissed me  on my forehead ?? Papa do you remember you called me your “beta”?? Yes..You may forget but I remember everything.

Papa I am sorry . I never wanted to hurt you . Never ! I know I made you cry na papa?? I know you are hurt because of me . I am sorry . I am not there to stop those tears , cause I am the cause of it. Papa I am sorry I couldn’t be your best daughter . Please forgive me. I have kept your favourite sweet pie ready on the table . And your blue shirt is kept ironed in the almirah . You like blue ? Isn’t it?! … Papa… You promised me ..we will go out to visit hill station next week..but this time too , you won’t keep your promise!! Aahh… Well… I still keep the left side of the bed empty for you. Sorryy  I forgot to tell you papa.. Do you remember that small guava plant we planted together??.. Yes it has become big ..and developed into a tree. Haha..what fun we had while planting it. Full day I was roaming around  in the mud. Everytime you cleaned me up…I would again jump up in garden and you use to try catching me , just to make sure I don’t get hurt while playing.

It’s been 3 years since you left me alone . And with all those memories in my heart ..I come here everyday. May be my mind tells me that you won’t return back ..but my heart still believes you are here around me …smiling and seeing me becoming better . I can still feel your warmth papa…. Come home soon.. Don’t you want to cut the cake? .. Are you still angry with me? .. I guess no . You can never be angry from me..

You are still the reason of  my strength and always be. I miss you papa..come back and hug me..just once last time..please… Just one time say me that you love me and you are with me..always..

Haha… I got so involved in writing that I  forgot that I need to decorate our home.. Today is my birthday.. And I know you want your little princess to get dressed up..

Come home soon papa.. I am.waiting…


Your princess…